Christian Songs

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Lord I will praise you in the sun/ And I will dance through heavy rain/ I’ll elevate you when I’ve won/ And celebrate you through my pain/ For you make all things work together for my good/ You make all things work together for my good.
Those who know me well know that last summer was a very difficult time. That was when I wrote this song called “It is You Lord”. I cried out “Father, rescue me”. God heard, he rescued and he renewed. He is always the one on whom we can rely. May God bless you as you listen, and move your heart to trust and rely on Him above all.
I wrote this song in the middle of tremendous personal upheaval. It is the cry of my heart that when my heart is overwhelmed, when my world is falling, I turn to Jesus. It is my constant experience that it is by praying to, hoping and trusting in Him that I find my greatest strength and comfort.
One night while going through the bedtime routine with my daughter, I was singing her Bible story to her instead of reading it. When it came to the line “Jesus did many miracles like this” (from her children’s Bible), I sang the melody line which I later expanded into this song. We love singing this together now. She’s the backing vocal. 🙂
We cannot rely upon a crowd to determine our worth in life. Today the crowd may cheer you, tomorrow they may turn. It’s better to look up to God for approval and validation, while continuing to seek peace and harmony with everyone. This song examines the fickleness of “the crowd” while asking about the fickleness of our own hearts in relation to following God when times get tough.
Why so downcast oh my soul? Put your trust in God! A chant of hope and faith based on Psalm 43:5.

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